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Paving The Way

Dunamis Alliance, LLC is a consulting company formed and staffed by the leaders in California’s Workers’ Compensation system. We have ‘members’ who are service providers of various products and services and are the best at what they do. Each of them provides services necessary to pave the way to resolution for the parties in Workers’ Compensation cases. They hire Dunamis Alliance to consult on branding, building revenue and scaling their businesses. Dunamis Alliance has uniquely positioned itself to have hundreds of relationships in this space. Essentially, we leverage relationships, technology and services that lead to more accurate, efficient and profitable resolutions.


Service At The Core

At Dunamis Alliance, our mission is to utilize the collective expertise and experience of our team effectively. With that as our core and our understanding of the strength of building strong relationships, we provide a one-stop experience. We do this for our clients, combining industry-leading solution providers and managing the process from start to finish.


Team of Professionals

James Tuthill


James Tuthill founded Dunamis Alliance, LLC with his wife Trisha, to establish a consulting group that could help Attorneys and Service Providers connect in order to resolve cases more efficiently. Over the past 12 years 'Tut' has become one of the most influential people in the industry. He has built a reputation for being reliable, consistent and trustworthy. Many attorneys trust him to consult on discovery strategy, practice tips as well as how to leverage a complete fact pattern to achieve resolution to their cases. Tut is well known for his commitment to his clients and has built his success by listening and learning from those he serves. The idea behind Dunamis Alliance, LLC is to bridge the time factor of how long cases take with relationships, technology and information that can drive resolution. For attorneys, the shortest distance to resolution is a complete fact pattern.

Robert Santoyo, Jr.

Director of Sales

Currently serving as the Director of Sales for Dunamis Alliance LLC. Over the last 15 years Robert has owned and operated or been employed at a number of businesses within the workers compensation industry, ranging from interpreting services to legal copy services. During that period he has actively supported various organizations that uplift and protect the rights of injured workers. In his last position, he served as the Director of Sales. His sales team set all-time company sales records and was responsible for the largest revenue growth in company history. He has been married for over 30 years, has four children and three grandchildren. In his spare time, he loves traveling and spending time with his family.

Nicole (Nikki) McNeill

Southern California Sales Manager

With over 13 years of experience in providing evidence-based solutions through discovery for injured workers, Nikki has developed an unmatched expertise in handling the copy service process. Her passion for Customer Service led her to the front-line where she held positions in Marketing before landing her role as Southern California Sales Manager. She has expanded her client base while maintaining valuable client relationships. Her key motivation is delivering exceptional service while helping others. This coupled with her drive for excellence and continual self-improvement has led to her success. Nikki is an active member of several organizations supporting the Workers’ Compensation Community and has been a California licensed Realtor for the past 15 years. She loves to spend her leisure time with her family and enjoys being a grandmother. This is the motto she lives by, “Life is a gift, living is a choice. You only have one life and there is no practice life.”

Kyle Ryan

Northern California Sales Manager

Kyle Ryan is currently serving as the Northern California Sales Manager. He was born and raised in Northern California, specifically the bay area, which makes him a natural fit in his current position. He is an avid sports fan who especially loves Soccer, Basketball, and Football although he is still learning how to deal with the loss of the Raiders. In his free time, Kyle enjoys playing soccer and is a part of a sports training company that focuses on developing talented youth prospects with a special focus on underprivileged communities.

Kyle entered the worker's compensation industry in 2016 and has continued his advancement career-wise since. At his last job in the industry he was promoted twice and held the record for the highest sales month ever at the company. He is known for making time for his clients whenever needed and continues to look to advance his knowledge in the industry. His goal is to become one of the main resources in the industry for any questions or best practices. Kyle has also taken a keen interest in trying to advance the opportunities and awareness of undocumented injured workers. He strongly feels that many in this community are taken advantage of or are not aware of all of their rights.

Robert (Bob) Santoyo, III

Account Manager

Robert began working for Precise Document Imaging in 2008, while attending college working in the field as a process server and production specialist. After College, he transitioned into vocational rehabilitation to further help injured workers by specializing in return to work vouchers. Over the years he helped develop statewide educational and return to work program pathways for injured workers to attend various accredited institutions. His experiences in college gave him an in depth understanding of human anatomy, international business management, along with humanistic values, all of which fall in line with assisting injured workers from all backgrounds. Bob is currently an active member of Latino Comp, including several committees.

Derrick Lamas

Account Manager

Derrick has been in the industry since 2007. Prior to Dunamis Alliance, He has had the opportunity to help grow and develop three startup companies. Starting off as a driver serving subpoenas and copying records, he soon after found his calling in sales and has never looked back. Born and raised in Los Angeles CA and grew up playing baseball and soccer. Nowadays he spends his time watching football, playing golf and being a girl dad. Derrick coaches his daughter in baseball, soccer and basketball and is excited to grow his family as he is currently expecting baby number two in October.

Pamella Tejada

Account Manager

Pamella Tejada is an Account Manager at Dunamis Alliance, where she leads the SIBTF department. Pamella joined the Dunamis team in March 2020 and has been key in developing and marketing the SIBTF program. Pamella is a UC Davis alumni (Go Aggies!) with a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and has 8 years of experience in creating and managing successful workers' compensation programs for medlegal companies like SIBTF and PR-4 programs. She is driven to ensure client satisfaction and provide the highest level of customer service & satisfaction. When not working, Pamella can be found slicing up a new culinary delight, carving up the slopes of Lake Tahoe with her amazing husband or hitting the roller derby track.

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